Decolonial Warrior Collection

Resisting colonialism is a lifestyle. We honour the Warriors protecting the land and the waters. We dedicate this collection one to our relations on the front lines, the ones actively and unapologetically working to dismantle these systems of oppression and continuing to fight for what our ancestors and people have always known to be right.

Turtle Island, or North America as it is typically called, is Indigenous Land and has been Indigenous Land for time immemorial. No matter where on Turtle Island be it the United States or Canada, if you live, work or play anywhere in North America, you are benefitting from the land theft and oppression of Indigenous People. This is Indigenous Land.

June 21st is Indigenous People's Day, but we often ask ourselves, why is there only one day out of the year to celebrate, recognize, raise up and speak up about, Indigenous peoples and history? For us, Indigenous Day is every day because every day is Indigenous.