Decolonial Eagle Sterling Silver Earrings

Decolonial Eagle Sterling Silver Earrings

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In honour of all our Nikawis/Mothers, we present the Decolonial Eagle Sterling Silver Earrings 🦅

We celebrate our strong, resilient, Nikawis/Mothers. We honour their sacrifices, and show our appreciation for their unconditional love, for being the backbones of our Nations, the carriers of our traditions and the ones who give us life and continue to teach us and help us grow as our lives move forward.

We honour and appreciate our Nikawis/Mother today and everyday.

FAQ: Yes, allies are welcome to purchase and support.

These earrings are made with pure sterling silver and crafted by Indigenous youth artist John Velton - he is an inspiring up and coming youth artist ( @northweststyles).

Made on Turtle Island
Pure Sterling Silver, weighing 4 grams. 

Length (2 In.)
Width (1 In.)

Only 100 pairs available.